We are working to rethink the future of hygiene


Geysier is dedicated to shaping the future of intelligent hygiene by designing and producing modern, automatic hand sanitizer dispensers with an upward spray. We strive to provide elegant and efficient solutions to maintain cleanliness and safety in public spaces, office environments, shops, etc.

Geysier is the next generation hygiene system that provides an intuitive, instant spray that is easy and simple, can be used from any angle and enhances the hygiene experience.

We strive to shape the future of hygiene by constantly challenging the pastures of innovation and design, in a way that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. Take part in our mission to create a cleaner and more elegant world, one splash at a time.

Meet our founder and product developer, Albert

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Albert, who was previously involved in the development of Sound Box, introduced Geysier - a liquor dispenser that combines hygiene and aesthetics. His innovation was a symbol of resilience and adaptability in challenging times.

100% Danish produced

The Geysier dispenser is 100% Danish made and designed with a minimalist elegance. It is our top priority to represent Danish design and high quality standards in the best way. We maintain a close and transparent dialogue with our Danish partners and suppliers in order to provide our customers with a perfect experience with our product and service.

The Geysier Team

Albert Ipsen

Stifter & produktchef

+45 31 24 80 81

Søren Fuhr

Kommerciel direktør

+45 41 56 78 16

Simon Lundbæk


+45 22 81 82 95

Asger Emborg

Client Manager

+45 29 80 83 38

Hans Kristoffer

Digital & IoT

+45 42 96 22 52

Natasia Runge

SoMe & Digital